hmmpp,couple shirts..

My boyfriend..hehe..


NOT la..

Happy belated april fool..ahaha~

i was in a relationship with him at april fool XD

if you tot no one will believe us,you was wrong..

coz got a few ppl trust..

and too bad..

he kena scold by his friends when they know the truth 




me and super HOT kimberly


super CUTE bo en(he'll scold me if he saw><) ,super LENG ZAI yun chien,and super NORMAL me :D


see,he's cute! and blur..but he said this call nature o -.-


i bring my SUPER leng loi friend-Kimberly meet my secondary friends tat day..

and unfortunately,all my girls friend was not free on tat day..

luckily ALL boys was free tat day..

lol, know wat i mean ==

if have next gathering, i'll bring another leng loi to there so it will be more easier for me to make appointment with you all!




we go sushi king ate lunch,and we ate a lot!

coz we super hungry..haha!

and boys ate their lunch at mcd before we reach there..

coz kim and me was late for one hours.. :P


and they started talking when we was eating..

trust me,it's not interesting..== 


After that we go palvillion..

so kesian boys..haha!

coz kim and me was keep walking..><

and both of us bankrup tat day

coz we bought something,and the price super pretty (for us la)


after tat we go sing K..and yea!

Kim wasted 12ringgit..coz she don't dare to sing! 

even is her lovely after school songs,she also dun wan..

haiz,wasted money..

and i realize tat my friends seriously don't take care about their imej..

same with me  ahaha~

lol..and kim was like..hmpp,cheng tong's friends aa..

then laugh..




seriously i should memorize smth..'s so hard for me to memorize!

i have no sense of direction..even is my house.

ok,it's not funny..






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