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Photo on 2011-07-31 at 01.20 #4.jpg

i slept 20hours yesterday XD

from 5pm to 1.00pm


but horr...not good at all :(

too hyper active till i totally no mood for assignment ><

SO HOW!!!!! D: can anyone force me start doing assignment now? ><

oh gosh,i feel like slap myself..wasted whole day for nothing



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forever sleep..haha.

yea,my stupid cute pretty mean roommate post out my sleeping pose AGAIN on facebook.

some of my friends asked why i didn't going crazy or get mad?

if this pic can make you laugh,why not? it might relieve some stress.

especially for toa students :D haha

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  • Jul 20 Wed 2011 20:05
  • LOL..



ok,you can laugh..i don't mind..

and i realize my pose so so ..eww,soooooooo girly!!!

let me introduce the stupid ugly cute soft toy - Mr.hamsap..

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i know what are you thinking now.

super ugly i know.. ==V

but it's fun right?haha..panda eyes~~ i made the panda eyes effect?

photoshop la! do you seriously think i drew it on my face?

xiao a?!

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