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Weeee, have fun with them!!! :D




Alot stalker(people.. keep looked at us..

LOL. we are not weird people, just a little bit 38. a little bit crazy XD



can't believe a boss actually asked me to wear a very very very girly ribbon princess shirt..

and i wore it. and CANNOT.


cannot accept me myself with tat super girly look!!

no pic no prove.


i dun have pic btw. 

HAHA, 100%forgot to take my funny outfit picture. coz we laugh all the way.. 

because of the super oversized pants. 3*of my legs? i guess.

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It's tuesday!!! TUESDAY!!!

AHAHAHAHAHA~!! It's my 'friday'!!

no class tmr, no class on thursday, no assignment for friday class, NO CLASS ON SAT!!


sorry, i'm just a-bit!! uncontrol :P 




Yesterday night is holly, but today night is honey~

this is my advance visual assignment: kfc storyboard.

Screen shot 2012-05-29 at 8.59.03 AM

Screen shot 2012-05-29 at 12.32.33 PM


hii, i quite like the outcome so colorful and so cute!. :P

again, i'm just abit hyperactive.. haha

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Errrr, okay... pixnet change the color mood A LOT. TT____TT

i don't like this color, huhu

btw,  this is my new work..less than one hour i guess.. :)

a quick sketch.. and so not me.. i know


i've deactiviated my fb acc recently..

First, the reasons are NOT:

1. Stress ( why stress? lol, college life just start.. but      i can feel the stress right now D;)

2. More concentrate on assignments ( for? haha)

3. Sad ( errrr, 100% not!)


Reason why i quit fb is just the mood randomly come..... haha!!

never try never know, we must try!! :D 

Day 1 without facebook - i sick

Day 2 without facebook - i sick

Day 3 without facebook - i sick

Day 4 without facebook - getting better

Day 5 without facebook - class

Day 6 without facebook - class


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i'm so surprised when i saw my packaging work on toa website- student show case. 

tScreen shot 2012-04-13 at 11.38.59 PM

This is my Year 2 Semester 2 packaging final work.

Errrr, I'm year 3 student now.

Ohhhh sad!!! I"M OLD!! 

Back to topic, -- we design a packaging for Local Veggie - Grow Your Own.

it's all about organic thing.. organic plant, organic veggie.. organic is good for your health!!


My idea for this packaging is a 'Recipe Book'

A recipe book that teach you how to plant veggie, basic knowledge about the veggie and how to cook.

It's included 4 different veggies seeds which are cabbage, lady's finger, sawi and water spinach. 



saw the mini pocket? :>  seeds is inside the mini pocket.



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