sembreak started already ~

welcome back,my lovely sembreak 

love u~~~~~

Erm,...plan to do something special in this sembreak ..


any suggestion? haha :D

lol, my last sembreak almost FAIL

just ....sleep+waked up+eat+wasted time 

So this sem i plan to do.......

1: design 5 character for (smth special for me*,you know wat i mean) haha

2: design my own t-shirt :D  plan to do this since visual communication class started,and it's look fun! haha..but i'm not going to sell it..haha,feel paiseh..and i'm not that,it actually just for fun

3: pratice portrait !!! Omg >< already 3 month didn't draw  and yea, i want draw them..promise them already >< who? hehe,not going to tell you :P

4: ignore this pls....haha,coz sure kena shoot one..I WANT KEEP FIT ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'll keep dreaming

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