"When i grow up, i want to be a _________."

i'm sure you've wrote this sentence when you're small. haha

when i was standard one? i guess... my dream job are (promise me you will not laugh!!)

teacher, artist and star   ==

After few years.

i gratuated from secondary school. relax for 5months XD

hmpp, not really relax because i've part time jobs that time. 

and I found out the most interesting and exciting course for me is graphic and advertising.

that's why i study at toa!! haha

began to panic since i started study. because i've lost my way.

I was confused, graphic or advertising. Where was my path? How do I find my way?

Graphic Designer, Packaging Designer, Type Designer, Publication Designer, Branding & Identity Designer, Corporate Communication Designer, Copywriter, Exhibition Designer, Magazine Stylist, Window Display Artist, DTP Artist, Print Designer, Art Director... 

A LOT!!!!! I'm so confused!!!!!


It's confuse. but here is a way to find out your advantage, and get closer to your future career. :)

We study alot subjects like Computer Graphic Production Procedures, Typography, Packaging Design, Digital Photography, Advertising Principles & Strategies, Advertising Visual, Corporate Identity & Brand Communication...

and you actually will know what's your strong part and which part's your disadvantage.

How to know? check your result  

All good? bye bye, haha!! (just kiding :P) 

which subject you really like and you try hard to make it good, then you got the answer!! 


I admit that i've no advertising and marketing brain  sad case!!

but. i like graphic and visual. ( not really good but at least better than advetising&marketing ><, i think?)

i got the patient in drawing design and i really really like to do research..

i'm so in love with pretty picture, pretty design, creative product..

so i guess i'll more in-depth graphic design. 


i like packaging design too, but the fact is. People won't ask you to design the whole packaging, they'll just give you a model and  you design the panel. (unless you're a famous packaging designer, then you get the chance to design whole thing.) I'm NOT saying 100% cannot, maybe you can get the lucky chance. 


Today a idea(future career) suddenly just pop out in my mind. and it's really exist!!!!

I'm so HAPPY!! 

Finally I figured out my future career. 

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