i'm so surprised when i saw my packaging work on toa website- student show case. 

tScreen shot 2012-04-13 at 11.38.59 PM

This is my Year 2 Semester 2 packaging final work.

Errrr, I'm year 3 student now.

Ohhhh sad!!! I"M OLD!! 

Back to topic, -- we design a packaging for Local Veggie - Grow Your Own.

it's all about organic thing.. organic plant, organic veggie.. organic is good for your health!!


My idea for this packaging is a 'Recipe Book'

A recipe book that teach you how to plant veggie, basic knowledge about the veggie and how to cook.

It's included 4 different veggies seeds which are cabbage, lady's finger, sawi and water spinach. 



saw the mini pocket? :>  seeds is inside the mini pocket.



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