'Don't get emo easily.'

This is what i always told myself.

Why do people always get so emo? i don't see the point actually.

I'm not saying that my eq is high, i'm just use to be blur.

We are human, emotions make us human. 

but. when you're felling down. please slightly hide it down and don't show the face.

Control your emotion or it will control you.

not only you, and also your friends. 

when you're showing the face, you're actually giving the stress to your friends.


When anger rises, think of the consequences.

don't post status, don't blog, don't twitter.

don't do anything.


just calm down.

being alone is beter when you're anger.


i'm not pointing anyone.. >< don't misunderstood!!

If your friend have some mistakes. tell her/him. :)

If you didn't tell her/him the truth. they will never know what mistakes that they use to do.

Truth are always bitter. but better than backstep.


but the truth is, i always didn't able to tell my friends their mistakes. 

even they made me really really mad, the next day, i forgot. lol...

how to tell when i forgot? lol...

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