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'Don't get emo easily.'

This is what i always told myself.

Why do people always get so emo? i don't see the point actually.

I'm not saying that my eq is high, i'm just use to be blur.

We are human, emotions make us human. 

but. when you're felling down. please slightly hide it down and don't show the face.

Control your emotion or it will control you.

not only you, and also your friends. 

when you're showing the face, you're actually giving the stress to your friends.


When anger rises, think of the consequences.

don't post status, don't blog, don't twitter.

don't do anything.


just calm down.

being alone is beter when you're anger.


i'm not pointing anyone.. >< don't misunderstood!!

If your friend have some mistakes. tell her/him. :)

If you didn't tell her/him the truth. they will never know what mistakes that they use to do.

Truth are always bitter. but better than backstep.


but the truth is, i always didn't able to tell my friends their mistakes. 

even they made me really really mad, the next day, i forgot. lol...

how to tell when i forgot? lol...

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"When i grow up, i want to be a _________."

i'm sure you've wrote this sentence when you're small. haha

when i was standard one? i guess... my dream job are (promise me you will not laugh!!)

teacher, artist and star   ==

After few years.

i gratuated from secondary school. relax for 5months XD

hmpp, not really relax because i've part time jobs that time. 

and I found out the most interesting and exciting course for me is graphic and advertising.

that's why i study at toa!! haha

began to panic since i started study. because i've lost my way.

I was confused, graphic or advertising. Where was my path? How do I find my way?

Graphic Designer, Packaging Designer, Type Designer, Publication Designer, Branding & Identity Designer, Corporate Communication Designer, Copywriter, Exhibition Designer, Magazine Stylist, Window Display Artist, DTP Artist, Print Designer, Art Director... 

A LOT!!!!! I'm so confused!!!!!


It's confuse. but here is a way to find out your advantage, and get closer to your future career. :)

We study alot subjects like Computer Graphic Production Procedures, Typography, Packaging Design, Digital Photography, Advertising Principles & Strategies, Advertising Visual, Corporate Identity & Brand Communication...

and you actually will know what's your strong part and which part's your disadvantage.

How to know? check your result  

All good? bye bye, haha!! (just kiding :P) 

which subject you really like and you try hard to make it good, then you got the answer!! 


I admit that i've no advertising and marketing brain  sad case!!

but. i like graphic and visual. ( not really good but at least better than advetising&marketing ><, i think?)

i got the patient in drawing design and i really really like to do research..

i'm so in love with pretty picture, pretty design, creative product..

so i guess i'll more in-depth graphic design. 


i like packaging design too, but the fact is. People won't ask you to design the whole packaging, they'll just give you a model and  you design the panel. (unless you're a famous packaging designer, then you get the chance to design whole thing.) I'm NOT saying 100% cannot, maybe you can get the lucky chance. 


Today a idea(future career) suddenly just pop out in my mind. and it's really exist!!!!

I'm so HAPPY!! 

Finally I figured out my future career. 

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情人节快到了 :) 应景的画了这幅画。 有功课却不做, 犯贱啊~! 




其实, 没有另一伴真的没有很悲哀。 有, 那么缺爱吗?

人生又不是只有爱情, 何必为了爱情而呼天抢地。 

除了爱情, 最基本的亲情和友情你总该有吧? 


如果连你自己都不爱你自己, 叫别人如何去爱你。



世界末日还没到, 某些人的status和blog就好像世界末日了。

适当的释放负面情绪是能被理解的, 可是我看某些人并不知道如何体谅与尊重他人。

无止境的释放你所谓的'痛苦’ 让看的人都觉得很烦!!


其实你们并不缺, 只是太贪心, 太不知所谓了。


我没有男朋友, 可是我还是活得好好的. 还是可以过很快乐。



如果你什么都没做, 就别希望开花结果。


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