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feel so lazy to update my blog recently.

i really had ALOT of fun this few week, thank you my friends :D

went to brogal hill before valentines day (13feb), haha!! sound so sad  tired, super tired but i really had a BIG FUN!!!

but. no next time please, haha.. just kidding larrrrrrr.. few months later maybe?? :P


SO PRETTY, a must go!!!

we met a auntie, yeaa a 50+ AUNTIE!! she looked damn young!! 

she told us she come here 4 days a week. oh my, i come here only one day sudah pengsan. @@

Pro auntie  !!


lengloi joanne, black till you cannot see me in night time(me), anna loklok XD


like a boss, yay~!


left:Director of Photography/Video Editor (chris fowler), lengloi joanne, black(me), Director (johnathan) :right


like like!!!!

left:Johnathan, Chris Fowler:right

left: tammy lengloi, kimberly lengloi, super black me, joanne lengloi, anna jie lengloi


just share out some of my works. 




i'm still learning. 

i'm trying to make overall look clean and still finding my style in art.

what do you guys think? any suggestion? :)

do give me a comment, hehe


YAY, sleep like a boss. haha.

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My first typography assignment :)

Do give me some suggestion


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How's many days i didn't update my blog? 

i think is around 5 days,'s,haha..

I'm so happy now coz i just pass up my CGPP first asignmnet!!!!  hehe

This assignment almost make all my classmates and friends fainted

ESPECIALLY ME.. coz i'm a photoshop noob! or maybe computer noob?

My illustration(cg1) got D,yea is DONKEY.but no one trust at me..

it's hurt ppl said they're noob in computer stuff also..but they at least got B.

LORRR...if you call yourself computer noob,then how about me?

hmpp,it's a bit out of topic now..haha,so come back!!!

i"m still can show you all my CGPP assignment,may not that good..

But i already put all the effort i can..


it's a 3d tv advertising..Can you see the difference?


I remember last week thursday i only slept around one hour,coz the next day(last friday) we have to show our assignment to lecture.

and last friday i don't have enough time to eat breakfast and lunch. 

my (breakfast :biscuit + lunch :milo = SUPER HUNGRY) 

What's the consequence only slept for one hour and don't eat properly? fever,flu and sore throat came.

sound like we have to pass up everything on the day right? but submission day is today. haha

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if you ask me wat we'll doing when we feel super bored..

haha, with hiao po or TOOK PICTURE

Why bored? 

coz we're doing assignment XD

If you are also a TOA student,i know you can get wat i mean ><

exspecially like foundation sem ==

Figure portrait 





memang hiao  haiz ,always hack ppl account and said "kimberly is so  !! " something like tat ==





haha,idiot superman post..kimberly and zoey..

 Tat time joanne and me was doing perspective study ><

hmmppp,you know..perspective memang hard to do..

so joanne and me was like going crazy already..

and tat the reason why we skype kimmie..haha


took a pic first,when we still alive 










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love me pls,mr. perspective study

i love you too,so pls treat me better,ok?


i didn't sleep for whole night,

ya! because of you!


haiz,ugly face @@

pek cek aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo on 2011-03-24 at 08.24 #6.jpg  

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i'm still rushing my LAST final project-perspective study 

so..conclusion is Bungalow is HARD to DRAW..

But,it's the last one!! Huray~

haha,can't wait ><


cant wait for 2/4 ~

i miss them.

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