feel so lazy to update my blog recently.

i really had ALOT of fun this few week, thank you my friends :D

went to brogal hill before valentines day (13feb), haha!! sound so sad  tired, super tired but i really had a BIG FUN!!!

but. no next time please, haha.. just kidding larrrrrrr.. few months later maybe?? :P


SO PRETTY, a must go!!!

we met a auntie, yeaa a 50+ AUNTIE!! she looked damn young!! 

she told us she come here 4 days a week. oh my, i come here only one day sudah pengsan. @@

Pro auntie  !!


lengloi joanne, black till you cannot see me in night time(me), anna loklok XD


like a boss, yay~!


left:Director of Photography/Video Editor (chris fowler), lengloi joanne, black(me), Director (johnathan) :right


like like!!!!

left:Johnathan, Chris Fowler:right

left: tammy lengloi, kimberly lengloi, super black me, joanne lengloi, anna jie lengloi


just share out some of my works. 




i'm still learning. 

i'm trying to make overall look clean and still finding my style in art.

what do you guys think? any suggestion? :)

do give me a comment, hehe


YAY, sleep like a boss. haha.

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