Errrr, okay... pixnet change the color mood A LOT. TT____TT

i don't like this color, huhu

btw,  this is my new work..less than one hour i guess.. :)

a quick sketch.. and so not me.. i know


i've deactiviated my fb acc recently..

First, the reasons are NOT:

1. Stress ( why stress? lol, college life just start.. but      i can feel the stress right now D;)

2. More concentrate on assignments ( for? haha)

3. Sad ( errrr, 100% not!)


Reason why i quit fb is just the mood randomly come..... haha!!

never try never know, we must try!! :D 

Day 1 without facebook - i sick

Day 2 without facebook - i sick

Day 3 without facebook - i sick

Day 4 without facebook - getting better

Day 5 without facebook - class

Day 6 without facebook - class


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